Friday, February 5, 2016

New Year Update

Happy new year from Christopher and I. As I write this update, Chris and I are amazed it is February already. In just a few short months, we will be facing the second anniversary of the shooting at FedEx where my husband Chris (Allied Barton Security Guard) was shot in the abdomen by a FedEx employee at point blank range with a shotgun. Now, almost two years later, Chris still fights for his most basic needs.

So many of you have asked for an update, and I owe you one… although I wish I had better news to share. Christopher's wounds have healed significantly after the GI leak that happened last November after his 50th surgery, but they haven't healed enough to seal up. He's physically in a lot of pain, and mentally this is a lot on both of us.

Without going into graphic detail, the most important thing is this; we will know in the next 10-15 days whether or not Chris will be sent home to wait for another surgery in the spring. He has endured bags on his belly and acid on his skin for almost two years. Our precious family, along with the Emory Team, is desperate to see Chris healed without more surgery.

We are asking God for this miracle. Would you ask Him with us, in Jesus name? I will let you know more as we find out. 

Thank you for caring about my family. Thank you for following Christopher's journey. - Jamie Lynn

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Yesterday, I was able to bring Christopher home for Christmas. After a long, exhausting discharge day - it was a gift to see him on the couch, just staring at the Christmas tree. Our pitbull wouldn't leave his side - a very sweet moment for us all.

The most difficult thing we face right now is getting the leaks in his GI healed, which means Chris will have to endure another few months of no food/water and IV nutrition. We still pouch bags over drains and leaks, and will continue with woundcare. He's stronger, and wants to get well - but he does feel hunger, and this time of year, that can be pretty difficult.

You say You're good to those who wait, Lord. We are believing that Christopher's body will be healed, and we can move forward with living the life that's been given.

Today, Chris and I are reflecting on God's grace and mercy that came in the form of a baby so many years ago...and how God wakes us up with that same grace and mercy today, and everyday...

From our family to yours...Merry Christmas.

- Jamie Lynn & Chris

Monday, November 30, 2015

Many have asked for an update on Christopher Sparkman. He is still in the hospital. They are doing everything they can to give the bowel leak that 85% chance of healing. He is in isolation for safety with his wounds, and he does not eat or drink anything to help with healing (no more ice chips or popsicles). Chris has set his mind to do whatever it takes to come home without this leak. 

One of our favorite things to do is take a "date walk" in the hall holding hands, although it's very difficult with the drain system on his belly. We've been watching Christmas movies, I put up a little tree, and I diffuse peppermint and other oils for him to make it smell "like home". 

Although we wished he could have been home by now, we make it work - because that's what we do. He's alive and we continue to fight for that life. Hope this update helps. We appreciate you all, always. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First day outside in a MONTH! 10 minutes of sunshine and fresh air was just was the doctor ordered for today. 

Chris still has a long road to recovery. He currently has a lot of drains and is still monitered closely. Doctors are hopeful the leak in his GI will heal on its own with time and no food/water. He is still on IV nutrition. Because he still feels hunger, the doctors have allowed him one popsicle a day. He was very excited about the popsicles! 

When Chris was deployed in 2012, he came home just before Christmas. It was the best surprise. I'm praying again to have my man home soon, hopefully before Christmas. 

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!
- C & JL

Monday, November 16, 2015

There is no doubt, it's been a difficult week to get through. With Chris having a set back last week, you would think I'd be used to things not going as planned - but I'm not, I'm so not. It's still a trauma trigger, and it becomes difficult to navigate once the emotion sets in.

I was driving my 6 mo. nephew home last night in the car and he was hungry. He was crying and thrashing and desperately begging to be fed and held. He didn't understand why...but I was in the drivers seat, and I knew he was hungry but that he would be OK. We were on our way to get formula, it wouldn't be long...but he didn't know that. As I was thinking about this scenario, I smiled and thought how God was showing me a small glimpse of myself this week. I am the baby thrashing about my life in the car seat and God is the wise driver that knows I'm safe, and that we're on our way to our destination despite my discomfort. 

Chris is doing better, but it's still a long journey ahead. One day at a is good. We are resting.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day

 You can't physically be in your uniform right now, but if you could you would. You're an amazing soldier, and a hero to myself and many. Thank you for your sacrifice, thank you for your service. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Chris is entering a tough part of recovery. Post op days 2/3/4 are some of the hardest. His pain is unimaginable right now and he has an incredibly high tolerance to the medicine. Would you pray for the pain to be eased? 

Thank you. 
- JL